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Baby Puzzles & Games
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Animal Memory Match

Peek-a-Boo at its best: name the animal by its coat pattern. Each of the two dozen 2¾" by 2¾" square..


Chicky Puzzle Fun

This toy doubles as both a puzzle and a Sensory Balance type toy. Open ended construction places no ..


Puzzle Pie

Fun, Educational and Developmental set of brightly colored, snap together pieces which snap together..


Sensory Puzzle Blocks

Brightly colored Edu-Foam blocks come in many “right angle” variations, including &ldquo..


Smiley Hopscotch

Two toys in one! Interlocking mat with removable numbers which also can be configured as a hop scotc..


Tangram Travel

As Giant Tangram’s Little sibling, it offers the same fun and challenges with a 10”x10&r..


Treehouse Puzzle

A 10” square Edu-Foam Puzzle features a tree of happy creatures all waiting to be fed with the match..


Tricky Fingers

A great game to develop color matching and finger dexterity. Non-removable marbles are manipulated t..


Trio Links

Fun linking shapes with textured surface. Package dimensions: 8½"x6" ,22x25 cm ..