The Holidays

Posted by Tooterbug 12/28/2019 0 Comment(s)

The holiday's are over. My 7 year old daughter cries everyday now....she says she is sad because Christmas is over and she wants it to be Christmas everyday. No matter how many times I tell her it will come again, she still cries. She also misses our Elves...Chippy and Eve. I know she is sad that the joy of Christmas is over, but goodness, I am glad it is over. It is mentally draining trying to remember to move the Elves to a different place and to remember to take the letter my daughter wrote to the Elves and Santa each night....why can't it be simple like when I was growing up? Now we have "Elves" to deal with (sigh).  


I must say, this holiday season did not start out like I had hoped. It started out by getting sick over Thanksgiving, which led to a sinus infection, and then, Bronchitis. Yes, I have spent the entire month of December fighting acute bronchitis, with being given three different antibiotics. I have never been this bad off in all my life. My daughter prayed for me every night that I get better and not be sick over Christmas (her prayers worked). Let's just say that I drank a LOT of green tea and went through about ten boxes of tissue. One thing I learned (other than the fact that the world falls apart and nothing gets done around the house when mommy gets sick..."Thanks, honey!"), it is hard to plan a family gathering for Christmas morning while also trying to remember to purchase all the gifts on my daughter's Christmas list for Santa. I was not able to go shopping this year, which really bummed me out more. There's just something I love about getting in the crowds, fighting for parking spots, and standing in line 30 minutes to check out. For some strange reason, it puts me in a good mood. I think of it as something everyone is doing together. Even though most people complain about Christmas shopping, I enjoy it. Because I know I'm not alone. And seeing all those other people doing the exact same thing I am, makes me feel like we are a team. Yes, I'm one of those sappy, Hallmark fans. I just love it! 


So, with that being said, and trying to fight being sick, I was not able to keep up with my inventory as I would have liked this holiday season. So, I hope you all were able to find everything you needed this year, and that you had a wonderful and happy holiday season. I promise next year will be better! 


Happy New Year!



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